In Nursery Colorado Breastfeeding photos

Colorado Breastfeeding Photos – Your Beautiful Bond, Captured

Colorado Breastfeeding Photos – let’s capture your maternal magic!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a baby is exclusively breastfed for the first 6+ months of life (read more about their recommendations here.) If you are exclusively nursing, that equates to approximately 540 hours spent breastfeeding. That’s a lot! Dedicating this amount of time to nursing is obviously a massive commitment, and your perseverance deserves to be applauded. You go mama! Breastfeeding also creates a unique and intimate bond between you and your babe, a bond that can never be recreated. As each baby and their feeding journey is unique, this means that your experience and bond is truly once-in-a-lifetime! What better way to honor your dedication and this special bond than through taking Colorado breastfeeding photos of you and your little one?

Colorado breastfeeding photos are exactly what they sounds like – a photo session of you feeding your baby, inside your Colorado home. While mamas often choose to have their photos captured within the nursery, we can use any spot in your home that has beautiful light (think big windows!) and sentimental meaning. What if you don’t want someone in your home? There are several beautiful natural light studios that we can work out of within Colorado Springs and Denver.

If the weather is warm, and if you’re up for it, I also recommend doing your session outside during golden hour! Colorado’s golden sunset light, combined with its tall grasses and mountain views can create a truly ethereal, natural, and beautiful aesthetic for your breastfeeding photos.

Now onto a couple of tips for your Colorado breastfeeding photos!


  1. Err on the side of earlier rather than later – I recommend no later than 12 months!
  • If given the option, many babies will choose to continue breastfeeding past 12 months. However, some will start to self-wean themselves as the bulk of their nutrition begins to transition towards solids. You don’t want to wait too long, and then miss the opportunity!

2. Wear something that is easy to nurse in and neutral in color.

  • Choose an outfit that has minimal fabric that would need to be moved in order to get your baby latched. V-neck dresses are particularly awesome, as you can easily remove your breast! Choose dresses or tops that are also neutral in color. Bright or neon colors have the potential of creating some strange color-casts (colored shadows) onto babies skin! Prints are okay, but stay away from small, densely packed patterns.

3. Allow yourself to become emotional.

  • Think about what this relationship means to you and your baby, and don’t restrain yourself from becoming emotional! I’m here to capture all the authenticity in your relationship. Laugh, smile, cheer (because you may be weaning soon) or cry (because you may be weaning soon!) There is NO wrong emotion regarding your breastfeeding journey!


Interested in your own session?

If you have been breastfeeding your baby, I strongly recommend getting a Colorado breastfeeding photo session done prior to your baby’s weaning. Let’s capture and commemorate all of the hard work, dedication, joy, and intimacy between you and your child! 

Contact Me for more information on how you can memorialize your breastfeeding journey with your own Colorado breastfeeding photos.


**Side Note – I am not here to judge how you feed your baby, you are the BEST mama or caregiver for your baby, and you are doing your best! A healthy, happy, growing baby who is LOVED is the most important thing! Breastfeeding may not be for everyone, and just because your journey may not have gone as planned, does not mean that you have failed or should be shamed. Always remember that. I am here to support you in whatever way I can!**



In Nursery Colorado Breastfeeding photos

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