High Point Overlook Family Photos

Joyful Family Photos at High Point Overlook

High Point Overlook Family Photo Session

It’s a blistery day, and a family of 7 are looking for some family photos. I tell them to meet me at the epic High Point Overlook at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for their family photos. This location usually a hot spot for tourists, but since it’s a Monday, I’m hoping it won’t be too busy. I check the weather before leaving the house, and my jaw drops… the “real feel” is 17. SEVENTEEN. Quickly, I shoot a text to the Schwencks. Dress warm!

Pulling up to High Point Overlook, I’m greeted by the stunning red rocks that Garden of the Gods is known for. There is also a mostly empty parking lot… Score! Camera in hand, I head to the gazebo to wait for my clients. Soon after, a family approaches me with smiles beaming across their faces. I could already tell – we were going to have some fun.

The Schwenck Family – Extended Family Photo Session at High Point Overlook and their family home


High Point Overlook Family Session - Erin Winter Photography

The following hour flew by, as I snapped photos of their family. We joked, smiled, laughed, laughed, and laughed some more. When arranging their session, Kristine “warned” me that they were a “lively” bunch. She wasn’t lying! With all of the fun we had, I think we all forgot about feeling cold!
To make their session even more special, we finished up the Schwenck parents’ house and included their dogs in some pictures.

I personally love when clients invite me into their homes to take photos. This is an awesome way to make your family photo session feel more personal. A house is not only a home, but it’s a safeguard for so many memories. What a unique way to celebrate this special place by including it in your family photos! I also find that families (and especially children) tend to relax within the home. Authentic smiles spread across shy faces, and little hands reach for their favorite toys. One of the best parts about being within the home, is the ability to include animals that otherwise may be excluded from photos (i.e.: cats, birds, hamsters, fish, reactive dogs, etc.!)

I’m so thankful to have photographed this incredible family, and document all of their joy and the love that they share for each other. High Point Overlook in Colorado Springs made for a beautiful and easy location (no hiking involved!) for family photos. Then, photos at their home added a personal touch.
I can’t wait to see their prints from their High Point Overlook family photo session, and see how they choose to display these beautiful moments in their homes!


High Point Overlook Family Photos

Thank you to the Schwenck Family for letting me document this fun day you all had together!

Interested in your own session? High Point Overlook is a great option for your family photos!

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