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Kinship Landing: Where the Community Comes to Stay, Dine & Get Married

TheWelcome to Kinship Landing!

When I stepped through the doors of Colorado Springs’ Kinship Landing, it felt like I was stepping into the home of a dear friend. Cliche, yes, but true! Concierge greeted me with a friendly “Welcome!” and smiles were abundant. Cozy rooms upstairs hosted locals seeking a “stay-cation” as well as adventure seeking travelers. Mixologists were stirring up craft coffee and cocktails drinks, while the smell of savory hand pies floated through the air. While Kinship Landing may be a boutique hotel, delicious cafe (by the name “Homa”,) and intimate event space in one, its greatest pride rests in providing a gathering place for locals and travelers alike to build community and then go experience all that Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas has to offer.

The space:

While Kinship Landing’s main level is primarily used as a co-working and gathering space, they do have the option of renting the area for events (including weddings!) Kinship Landing is ideal for the couple who values intimate connections with their family and friends, and who are interested in keeping the focus of their day centered around relationships rather than extravagance.

But don’t get me wrong… just because there aren’t vaulted ceilings, crystal chandeliers or space for a massive floral installation, doesn’t mean that Kinship Landing isn’t a beautiful and unique space for your wedding! Glass garage doors line the walls, and can be opened up and allows for fresh air. Canvases from local artists and Colorado inspired decor are right at home on their walls. Custom furniture creates a variety of seating options. Richly stained wood is also abundant on their walls, tables, etc. which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. One of my favorite parts though? The greenery! There are fresh, live, green plants EVERYWHERE! This brings a lot of joy and life to the space, especially during the cool and brown winter months.

“The Greenhaus” and event space at Kinship Landing:

Speaking of greenery, I do want to elaborate a little more on their dedicated event space. This space is known as “The Greenhaus.” It is filled with natural light, and is truly a photographer’s dream. Between the cozy seating and the plants that hang from the ceiling, the Greenhaus gives off a peaceful yet “urban jungle” vibe. It’s pretty amazing. This space also opens up to a large concrete patio that contains additional seating, market lights, and fire-pits. While the patio space could be used for cocktail hour or dinner, it is also large enough to accommodate a dance floor. Name something better for your downtown wedding than dancing under the Colorado Springs city lights, with Pikes Peak lit up by the moon? Epic.

A place to rest:

Another fantastic feature about Kinship Landing? It’s also a boutique hotel! Uniquely and cozily designed hotel rooms are available for when your guests need to rest their weary dancing feet for the night. No driving or hauling ubers required. For those who are ready to retire for the night, but not quite ready to leave their friends, Kinship Landing also offers a “bunk room.” (Picture a high-class European style hostel.)

Kinship Landing is truly a gift for the Colorado Springs community and travelers alike. With all of its amenities, offerings, and unique aesthetic, it is a great option for an intimate and fun wedding or event! Even if a wedding is not in your near future, I recommend you still head downtown to check out their restaurant, Homa, plan a stay-cation in one of their suites, or attend a “First Friday” event.


Want to hear more? Keep reading for an exclusive Q&A with the owner!

“Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about Kinship Landing! Let’s start by introducing yourself and your role at Kinship Landing.”

Brooke Mikulas – General Manager and Owner

“Is Kinship Landing a hotel? A restaurant? An event space?”

All of the above! Kinship Landing is a boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Our light-filled urban Greenhaus event space is a unique location for gatherings of all kinds. Anchoring the first floor of Kinship Landing is Homa Cafe & Bar – a spacious space for locals, hotel guests and old friends to gather over deliciously crafted food and drink run by one of our city’s favorite local restauranteurs. 

“What is the inspiration behind this unique space? Can you tell us a bit about its history?”

Inspired by our own travels around the world, we’ve designed each guest room to be a perfect place to land. We’ve anticipated the needs of the traveler, so individually styled guest rooms will delight every kind of traveler, all with thoughtfully designed layouts and hand-picked essentials for a great stay. Our main level, with its warmth and greenery, serves as a ‘family room’ for the city. With a great atmosphere and fantastic food and drink – you can’t go wrong with our Homa Cafe & Bar! 

 “I noticed that you don’t offer some of the more “traditional” amenities associated with a hotel, such as a gym, pool, or spa. Is this for a particular reason?”

We have been intentional to have “everything you need, and nothing that you don’t” – focusing our efforts on great design, great food, and great hospitality. That means for everything else, we will point you to the best our city has to offer! Downtown Colorado Springs has incredible businesses including breweries, restaurants, gyms, pools, and spas – many of which are walking distance from our property!

“Okay let’s chat a bit about events. If someone is interested, can they rent space for a wedding or another intimate event?”

Absolutely! We have a smattering of offerings for events. Our favorite – the hotel takeover! This idea is gaining more and more attention and excitement from our guests. Imagine an enormous slumber party with all of your favorite people! Our events team will work with you to craft a truly special event which includes guest rooms, a catering package crafted by local chefs, and unlimited access to our Greenhaus, event spaces, and public spaces. Perfect for inclusive wedding weekends, corporate retreats, or family reunions! 

“How many guests can you accommodate?”

Our full property offers 82 beds to sleep up to 120 people, from shared bunkrooms to King Suites – each with custom handbuilt millwork, views, tuft and needle mattresses, soft brooklinen sheets, and specialty coffee, pillows, art, and more. 

“I’m not going to lie – I was absolutely in love with the hand pie I had from Homa while visiting Kinship Landing. Do you also cater for in-house events?”

We do indeed – our award-winning in-house chefs will curate just the menu for you. And while our Homa Cafe & Bar menu is off the charts delicious, they’ll work with you to create the culinary experience you’re looking for. 

“What’s one fun fact about Kinship Landing?”

We make every decision and live every action through the lens of our 5 core values: generosity, courage, adventure, community, and trust. From design decisions to staff recruitment and training, these values are our compass. We aspire to multiply them in the world and hope you carry them out the door with you when you say, “see ya again soon” at checkout.

“If someone was interested in learning more about Kinship, what is the best next step? Do you schedule tours?”

Our team is always available to chat! Whether it be booking an event or hotel takeover with us or simply staying the night – we’d be happy to chat. Feel free to call us at 719-203-9309 or email us at and we’ll take it from there! Or of course, pop in anytime at 415 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

Thanks Brooke for taking your time to chat! I know that I’m already planning on when I can head back… and this time with plans to enjoy the Greenhaus with a cocktail in hand!

To visit their website, learn even more about their offerings, and book your stay – click HERE.

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