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6 Tips for amazing Colorado Springs Maternity Photos

6 Tips for Amazing Colorado Springs Maternity Photos

Hey friends – Erin here, your Colorado Springs Maternity photographer! I’m all about helping my clients get the most out of their sessions, so today I wanted to give you 6 tips for amazing maternity photos in Colorado.

The photos in today’s post feature the lovely Casey and her husband Justin! It was an honor to photograph their maternity session on USAFA property near Cheyenne Mountain.
Anyways… onto the tips! Follow these, and you’re BOUND to get some amazing maternity photos! (PS: if you make it to the bottom of this post, you’ll see a photo of my pregnant self!)


1) Schedule your Colorado maternity photos for your third trimester.

I recommend scheduling your photos for sometime early in their 3rd trimester. Ideally no sooner than 28 weeks, but no later than ~32 weeks. Typically during this time frame you will have yourself a cute baby bump. Your uterus is occupying enough of your midsection that little old ladies approach you in the grocery store and offer unsolicited advice… You look in the mirror you don’t have to question, “is that baby? Or is that ice cream?”… and you’re officially living in your favorite pair of leggings.

So why not later? Why not after 32 weeks? I want you to be comfortable and mobile during your photo session. By 32 weeks you’re *probably* still getting around fairly easily and *probably* still feeling like yourself.

That being said, 28-32 weeks is not a hard and fast rule. If you’re carrying multiples, you may want to get photos done sooner. If you’re someone who hardly shows, you may want to wait a little later than 32 weeks. Or, if you’re trying to book a last minute maternity session because you completely forgot and the baby is due like, tomorrow… that’s fine too. (Side note – while I am also a registered nurse, I will not be delivering your baby during your photo session. Thanks.)

Colorado Springs Maternity Photo Tips


2) Be prepared for any weather.

This is Colorado after all. Anyone who is familiar with this state knows that the weather can change in an instant. If you’re scheduling outdoor maternity photos during the spring, fall, or winter, be prepared for the cold and snow. Pick a dress that you can layer with long underwear or insulated tights, that way you’re comfortable during the session. Bring some hand warmers or a scarf to warm up in while we move between locations. In case of mud or snow, bring along a cute pair of boots. I also suggest dragging your significant other along (even if they don’t want to be in any of the photos,) so that you can stick your ice cold hands up their shirt.

If you’re taking photos in the summer, there’s less of a chance for undesirable weather. I always suggest bringing an umbrella along (I carry one too) just in case. No matter the season, always always always bring a hair tie and/or some bobby pins. Y’all know how blustery the wind can get! (Blustery, yes, but that also means the potential for epic Beyoncé like photos.)

Colorado Springs Maternity Photography Tips


3) Take the time to find the right outfit… but don’t pick it out too early.


Your Colorado maternity photos are an investment – so make that investment count! There’s nothing worse than having a fantastic and fun photo session, then getting your photos back and not loving your outfit. Take the time to try on some dresses, jeans, etc. from retailers that tailor their outfits towards pregnant women. Think ruching, stretchy, and smoothing material. I’ve found some great pieces on Amazon, but also check out other designers such as Motherhood Maternity and Baltic Born. Your pregnancy is also the perfect time to EMBRACE those body hugging outfits. Show off that beautiful belly!

Unsure of what to wear or where to start? I’m happy to help provide styling advice to my clients – I want you to feel your best!
When is the optimal time to pick out an outfit? No earlier than ~2-4 weeks before. Your body changes so quickly while pregnant, you want to make sure that whatever you pick out will still fit and feel good come the day of your photo shoot!


4) If within budget, splurge on hair and makeup.


This tip ties into the one above… Not all of us were blessed with the talent of creating salon worthy hair and an epic smoky eye. However, like I keep reiterating, you want to feel your best during your photo shoot. If it’s within budget, I definitely recommend getting your hair and makeup done. This can help provide you with a perfect boost of confidence before your shoot! Make sure to choose a vendor you trust, and choose a hair and makeup style that isn’t too different than your everyday wear. I’m happy to provide vendor recommendations within the area.

If it’s not within budget to get these things done, then ask your talented friend to do your makeup for you, or visit the makeup counter at Ulta! Oftentimes if you purchase makeup from one of their brands, you can ask the consultant to show you the best way to apply your contouring kit, eyeshadow, etc.


5) Drag along your significant other, and prepare to get steamy.

I personally LOVE romantic maternity photos. And while yes, it is YOUR body, it takes TWO to make a baby! A maternity photo session is a great way to get a spouse or partner further involved in the pregnancy. It can also act as a great time to reconnect romantically. This is a PG rated blog, but let’s not forget how a baby is made…. so put on your smudge proof lipstick and remember to brush your teeth before your session. *wink wink*


6) Remember to have FUN!

While all of the above tips are ways to help make your maternity photo session amazing, the most important thing to remember is to have FUN. If you’re enjoying yourself and embracing the emotion of the moment, it will show in the photos. The camera has a way of truly highlighting happiness and authenticity! If you’re having fun during the shoot, when you look at your final photos you won’t only think, “damn I look good!” You’ll also be filled with warmth and joy from remembering an awesome moment. It’s a win/win situation.

Are you someone who feels awkward in front of the camera or has trouble “letting go” once a lens is in your face? That’s where I, or any other photographer who’s worth their weight, comes in. A good photographer not only knows how to capture beautiful images, but they’re also skilled in unlocking emotions, empowering confidence, and eliciting genuine smiles.

Tips for Amazing Colorado Springs Maternity Photos

Are you still on the fence about getting maternity photos done? While the top reasons why you SHOULD get them done deserves their own blog post, hopefully these 6 tips will help you feel more prepared for your Colorado Springs maternity photos.

If  you’re interested in learning more about getting Colorado (or Denver, or Coloradon Springs, or anywhere in the USA) maternity photos done, visit this page for more information, and then be sure to say hi!

Interested in learning more about working with a Lactation Consultant for when your little one makes their arrival? Take a peek at this blog post to read more about one of Colorado Spring’s greatest!

(And as promised – a photo from my own maternity session!)


^Want to see where this blog began? And see more photos of myself and my own little bundle of joy? Check out my first post!

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