Flying Horse Ranch Wedding

Flying Horse Ranch Wedding Venue: a fusion of elegance + rustic charm

Flying Horse Ranch Wedding Venue

When you pull into the long driveway for the Flying Horse Ranch wedding venue, you are automatically transported to a simpler and more peaceful place. Wide open pastures stretch across the plains that rest in the shadows of the nearby Front Range. The hustle and bustle of the nearby Colorado Springs is quickly left in the dust. At the bottom of the driveway, a beautiful white ranch house greats you and your guests with its long front porch shaded by beautiful, towering pines. Alongside your family and friends, and under the vast Colorado sky, cattle and horses will soon bear witness to you and your fiancé’s union. The romance is abundant. Whether you choose host your wedding festivities inside the house’s airy ballroom, elegant barn, or on the expansive back patio, the Flying Horse Ranch wedding venue is bound to make all of your sophisticated ranch wedding dreams come true!

The Flying Horse Ranch wedding venue appeals to the discerning bride by offering a variety of beautiful spaces, alongside the availability of excellent in-house planning services. The property is truly stunning, and should be a top contender for anyone planning an elegant, yet rustic, family centered celebration. Planning an epic party? Don’t worry, this venue may still be perfect for you too (especially under the market lights on the back patio!)

I recently had the pleasure of finally touring the Flying Horse Ranch wedding venue in person, and was able to chat with two of the awesome women who are behind its success. Keep on reading to learn more!

Flying Horse Ranch Wedding Venue architecture

Q+A with the ladies behind the Flying Horse Ranch wedding venue:

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions regarding your beautiful venue! Let’s start by introducing yourself, and your role at Flying Horse Ranch.

“Our team may be small at the moment, but we’re growing! Alison Lynch is our Venue Director. She also doubles as one of our coordinators during the season. She joined the team at the end of 2021, coming to the Venue with a background in corporate events.

Michelle Hagood is our lead coordinator. She has been with the Venue since 2017. Since then she has worked over 170 weddings just at the Venue.” 

How would you describe the aesthetic or vibe of the property? 

“We say that it’s Colorado Rustic with an elegant flare. One of our indoor spaces is a natural wood Barn and the second is an airy, high ceiling ballroom with drapes and large windows.”

What are some of your favorite features?

“We love the versatility of the space. Because our two spaces are so different, our couples can have different feels for different parts of the day. For example, they can enjoy an outdoor ceremony overlooking the Venue property, have an elegant ballroom dinner, and then move down to the barn for a more relaxed dancing feel. Or! They can have an elegant cocktail hour location and a rustic dinner setting. Both of our indoor spaces can be used for the ceremony as well. There are so many different event flows that they can choose from.”

I know wedding planning can be pretty stressful for a lot of couples. Are all Flying Horse Ranch weddings DIY? Or do you offer other services as well?

“Not all of them! In 2020 we rolled out an All-Inclusive Package. This experience comes with catering, bar, rentals, a dj, full coordination, a floral credit, and a dessert credit. Really the only thing not included is a photographer, attire, rings, and invitations! This package allows the couple to be more hands off and enjoy the planning process. We do all the hard work and they just get to make the fun decisions like which plate they want and what they want to sample at their tastings. Our second package, the Exclusive Venue Rental, is for those brides who have an exact vision and want to be more involved in the process. This allows them to be more creative and bring in those DIY items they really love– not that we don’t allow DIY decor with the All-Inclusive.”

Do you have a list of required vendors or preferred vendors for couples to choose from?

“We do! With the Exclusive Venue Rental package, we have a list of caterers and djs for them to choose from. The list has Colorado Springs and Denver vendors for those couples who are a bit more spread out. We also have a required vendor for rentals and one for bar service. With the Exclusive Venue Rental, the couple then has free-reign for who they want to bring in for desserts, floral, photo, etc. In the All-Inclusive those vendors have already been chosen for them.”

How many guests can you accommodate? 

“200 is our max!”

How far out do you typically book weddings? 

“Typically we see most of our booking 12 to 16 months out. But with the pandemic we are seeing couples book out sooner to get that date/time of year they really want!”

When I pulled into your venue, I happened to notice a pasture of horses (okay.. My eyes were glued to them!) as well as some cattle. Are they owned by the venue? Will they be out and about in the pastures during a wedding? 

“Yes! We are a working cattle ranch, so all the cattle seen on property belong to us. The horses you fell in love with are a part of our equine therapy program that meets at the front of the property in the red arenas. The Flying Horse Foundation helps kids in the foster system. Some of the horses can be used for wagon rides for wedding guests during cocktail hour!”

What is at least one fun fact about the Flying Horse Ranch wedding venue? 

“It was built as a private vacation home! Because it was a vacation home, no one really lived in it. Flying Horse bought it at the end of 2015 and we have been making up for all that time that it wasn’t being used in earnest!” 

What is the best way for interested couples to get in touch with you and schedule a tour?

“They can either email our lead coordinator, Michelle Hagood, at or our Venue Director, Alison Lynch, at We are happy to answer all questions about the Venue and what a wedding at Flying Horse Ranch looks like. 

If they would like to book a tour, they can by using our scheduling link–

Thank you ladies for taking the time to give me a tour, and if you’re a prospective bride or groom, I definitely recommend arranging a tour of your own! In the meantime though, keep scrolling to view some photos the unique and beautiful aspects associated with the Flying Horse Ranch wedding venue.

Photo Gallery

Flying Horse Ranch Wedding Venue house

Gorgeous chandeliers are a focal piece within the airy ballroom (Can’t you just envision some draping greenery hanging from these chandeliers??)

There are plenty of gas fireplaces to help warm you and your guests up during those chilly fall/winter/early spring weddings.

The bridal suite is filled with beautiful clean light, a huge bathroom, and individual makeup stands. There is plenty of room for the girls to get ready and relax before the ceremony!

Flying Horse Ranch Wedding Venue bridal suite

The groom’s suite has plenty of lounge spaces, a pool table, and some fun games. They also get a beautiful bathroom (it’s not just for the bride.)

The house also boasts other unique rooms available for use, such as a cozy “grandparent’s room” and a gourmet kitchen with dining room (ideal for an intimate dinner or catering use.)

While ceremonies can occur nearly anywhere, their ceremony lawn is a popular spot. While the prairie views are picturesque enough, I’m also envisioning a floral arch here…

The barn. Oh their barn is beautiful – you have to come see for yourself! The barn also features garage doors that can be opened up to an additional patio space. Perfect for a large reception, this creates a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Love what you see already? Now just picture this space filled with your family and friends! The Flying Horse Ranch wedding venue is a great option for the Colorado bride and groom who is looking for an elegant, rustic, and versatile venue for their wedding.
Contact Michelle or Alison soon, and get out to Larkspur, CO to see the property for yourself!


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