We’re Heading to Washington… DC!

Surprise – we’re moving!

This post has been a long time coming… and if you’ve tuned into my Social Media accounts (and even just the going ons of this website,) then you’ve probably noticed some changes. As of Summer 2023, my family and I will be moving to WASHINGTON DC!

Even though we are ultimately moving for my husband’s career, this has been a move that we’ve been hoping for since our daughter’s birth in 2021. While we have thoroughly enjoyed living in Colorado, we are thrilled to be much closer to family. It’s going to feel like a real treat to jump in our car and be at our parents’ houses within a few hours! From a professional standpoint, I’m also extremely excited for all of the opportunities that living in DC (and in close proximity to other major cities) presents. My fingers are tingling just thinking of all of the beautiful architecture, historic buildings, flowing water, lush vineyards and green forests that I’ll be able to photograph.

I want to thank all of my clients, fellow wedding vendors, other photographers and friends who have made our time in Colorado so enjoyable. Part of me feels like I just moved here (how has it been 6 years already?) but part of me does feel like this place is home, despite how often I gripe about the cold.

A few questions you may be wondering about:

Q: Will you come back to Colorado to shoot my wedding?
A: Absolutely! I’m happy to travel anywhere within the country (or internationally) to photograph weddings, including back to CO. I’d love an excuse to come back and work with my wedding vendor friends again.

Q: What about photographing families in Colorado?
A: With enough interest, I may come back in the summer or fall to try and squeeze in some of my families and past clients!

Q: So, are you moving your business to DC?
A: Yes – and I’m thrilled to meet new people and photograph new places.

Q: What are a few things you’ll miss most about Colorado?
A: 5 things I’ll miss most about living in CO:
1) The mountains: How could I not miss the mountains? No, I’m not an avid hiker or skier, but it’s hard not to marvel at the beauty of mountains during sunrise, or with a snow capped peak, or with the sun filtering through the trees
2) The laid back atmosphere: No one is in a rush to go anywhere. There’s always time for coffee, beer, or to just pause and enjoy the surroundings.
3) The wildlife: Yes – a few weeks ago a deer ran into the side of my car while driving.. but it’s always fun to pass a peaceful herd of antelope grazing on the side of the road, see coyotes on the plains, and even a snake or two while out on a walk.
4) The summers: No humidity. Cool nights. Bright skies. Need I say more?
5) The colors: green summers, yellow autumns, and white winters. Pink sunrises, blue skies, and wildflowers in the fields.

Well, that’s all for now… thanks for tuning in regarding this life update! Be sure to follow along on my instagram to see my latest work and learn about our latest adventures.

– Erin Winter Photography – your newest Washington DC Wedding and Family Photographer!


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