Bride, Groom, and Bridal party walking in a field with mountains in the background at wedding planned by Privé events

A Q&A with Privé Events: CO’s Premiere Wedding Planners

The Intro…

As a Colorado wedding photographer, I’ve been to my fair share of weddings… and I know the difference that having a quality wedding planner or coordinator can have on your day. Having someone at your side to help support you and your vendor team can be the difference between a day filled with relaxation and fun vs stress and decisions for you and your family.
A planner is also one of the first decisions that many couples make when they start the wedding planning process. For this reason, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite planning teams to work with! Keep reading to learn more about Jenny and Privé Events.

All About Privé Events

EW: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat! I’m so excited to introduce Privé Events to my readers. Let’s start by having you introduce yourself. What is your name and your role within Privé?

JM: Hi!  My name is Jenny Mears I am a Lead Planner, Floral Designer, and Marketing Manager here at Privé

EW: Now that we know who YOU are, let’s talk a little more about Privé! Can you briefly describe Privé Events as well as the services you offer? How many people are on your team?

JM: Privé is an innovative team of designers and creators that is passionate about designing and executing every client’s unique one of a kind event! We genuinely believe that no one is doing what we do! We offer a variety of planning and coordination services along with floral and overall design!  Our team continues to grow and grow!  We have about 30 amazing coordinators and florists on our team!

Bride and groom standing in a field with mountains in the background, looking at each other

Wedding Planning

EW: Why do you feel it is important for a couple to work with a wedding planner for their big day? If “full service” is not in the budget, do you feel that “day of” wedding coordination is still valuable?

JM: It is our belief that it is imperative that a planner be involved for so many reasons.  There are many logistical items and scenarios most people do not even know or think about. We believe that couples, their families, and their guests truly deserve to enjoy every moment of the wedding day!  Like any specialist in any area of expertise, a wedding planner is a necessity to fully execute the event successfully and take on any issues that may arise.  Day of coordination is absolutely valuable and we offer that as well!  Having a planner there to ensure the day runs smoothly and stress free for the couple is priceless! 

EW: What is your favorite part of planning and coordinating a wedding?

JM: My favorite part of planning and coordinating weddings are the relationships I get to make.  Connection is so very important and in the end I always feel like we’ve become good friends!  I have a passion for relationships and design and making people happy!

EW: Do you have specific vendors and venues you like to work with, or can a couple choose their own?  BOTH!

JM: We have been in the business since 2011 and have a wide variety of contacts and vendors that we work with if couples need recommendations.  Couples may also choose their own! 

Bride holding bouquet of white roses and flowers made by Privé Events

Let’s talk Petals with Privé Events!

EW: I know you do florals as well, and as a HUGE flower lover, we just have to talk about that for a minute! What do you feel is the current or future trend when it comes to choosing wedding florals?

JM: I love flowers so much too!  I actually used to make cakes and florals truly fulfill my creative side! Trends we are seeing are all greenery bouquets with lots of texture, organic free flowing designs, and LOTS of color is also slated to make a comeback as well!  We are passionate about designing things as uniquely and customizable as possible!  We love thinking outside of the box and creating something over the top!  I personally LOVE to design large arch arrangements and the bigger the bouquet the better! 

Story Time & Advice

EW: I’m sure you have some crazy stories from all of the weddings you’ve planned and attended… mind sharing one?

JM: LOL! We’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff so I’ll leave this one up to the readers’ imaginations.  Wedding Crashers is always a fun movie to watch 😉

EW: What is one piece of advice you would give to a couple who is just starting the wedding planning process?

JM: My honest advice would be to meet with a wedding planner. Getting married is supposed to be the happiest time of your life.  You should be able to have someone doing the heavy lifting while you enjoy your engagement and celebrations that come at this happy time! A wedding planner can help you feel at ease and provide education on everything from design, to decor and catering. 

bridesmaids in blue robes looking at the bride in white robe while getting ready for wedding planned by Privé Events

Say “Hi!”

EW: Thank you so much for participating in this Q&A! I absolutely loved working together in the past, and hope to do so again in the future. One last question… if someone is interested in learning more about Privé Events, what is the best way for them to reach out?

JM: They can reach out to or they can chat with us at our studio at 720-334-8161 and our team can help connect them with a coordinator!

The images in this post were taken at Deer Creek Valley Ranch at a wedding coordinating by Privé.
To read more about this great mountain venue, be sure to read the following blog post!: Deer Creek Valley Ranch Wedding: A Summer Soirée

Still hoping to learn more about Privé? Follow this link to check out their website. Happy Wedding Planning!

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