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High Point Overlook Family Photos

High Point Overlook Family Photo Session It’s a blistery day, and a family of 7 are looking for some family photos. I tell them to meet me at the epic High Point Overlook at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for their family photos. This location usually a hot spot for tourists, but since […]

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Joyful Family Photos at High Point Overlook



Younger Ranch Wedding Venue It’s late September in Colorado Springs at the beautiful and rustic Younger Ranch Wedding Venue. The grass is just starting to fade for the year, and green blades are intertwined with their golden counter parts. The sun is still warm on your back, but soon it will dip behind Pikes Peak. […]

Younger Ranch: a Rustic & Stunning Colorado Springs Wedding Venue


Hey friends… Erin here! Your friendly, local, enthusiastic, romantic (I could go on and on) Colorado Springs photographer. Welcome to my blog! This blog is a part of my big semi-re-brand. I say semi, because I’m keeping the name Erin Winter Photography, and I’m keeping my classic, timeless, colorful, film-inspired style, but my website and […]

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A quick note from me – Welcome to my blog!


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