A quick note from me – Welcome to my blog!

Hey friends… Erin here! Your friendly, local, enthusiastic, romantic (I could go on and on) Colorado Springs photographer. Welcome to my blog!

This blog is a part of my big semi-re-brand. I say semi, because I’m keeping the name Erin Winter Photography, and I’m keeping my classic, timeless, colorful, film-inspired style, but my website and how I do business is changing. What was once a part-time side-gig hustle of a photography business is turning into the “real thing!” I’m taking my 10+ years of experience, my dreams, my aspiration, my love for my clients, my joy in photographing your wedding and your families, and turning it into (what I jokingly call) a full time “big kid job.” Hooray! That’s right… I am HERE for you, and I am PUMPED.

So what was the turning point? What lit the metaphorical fire under my bum and inspired me to really focus on growing this business? It was this little bundle of joy, our Eliza Jane! It’s amazing how much a child can inspire you to truly work towards being your best self.

Having a new family, and seeing how quickly Eliza has already grown, has refreshed my love for family photography. I want pictures of her always, all the time, and I want to decorate my house with them. This perspective allows me to better serve my families, and provide them with the images that they will truly love! I know it also doesn’t always go as planned… babies and children have minds, temperaments, and plans of their own, and that is OH-KAY. (Check out how Eliza responded to our own family photos. I personally love pictures like this sometimes… having a family and motherhood is not always sunshine and roses!)

So how do I plan on growing this love-child of a business? By blogging more, posting more, shooting more, and loving on my clients more (which was already A LOT.)
What can you expect from this blog? Mostly stories about my awesome couples and families, information about some of the beautiful venues, suggested locations, and fantastic vendors in the area, and advice from me on how you can personalize your wedding day or make the most out of your maternity or family session. Occasionally I may even do a personal blog post or two, because 1) I’m in love with my family and want to share our adventures, and 2) I get it – it’s easier to stand in front of a friend’s camera than it is that of a stranger’s.

Anyhow… 2021 is about to wrap up, and I already know that 2022 is going to be EPIC.
I can’t wait to work with more couples, more pregnant mamas and more families, as we laugh our way through photo sessions and capture some really stunning images.

As a little plug – don’t forget to follow me along here on the blog as well as on Instagram (@erinwinter_photo) to stay on top of my photography adventures and see images from some of my fantastic clients. Interested in learning more about your own session?
Contact me via my inquiry form and let’s chat!

xox – Erin

Now on to the good stuff!
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